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Stand up for Rock n' roll           (Airbourne)

Bite the Bullet                            (the BULLET

Hell ain’t a bad Place to be         (AC/DC)

   Back in black                               (AC/DC)

   Gimme all your lovin‘                   (ZZ-Top

   Smoke on the water                    (Deep Purple)

Rock’n Roll Train                         (AC/DC)

Sharp dressed man                    (ZZ-Top)

What‘s up                                    (4non Blonds)

Running Wild                              (Airbourne)  

Ride on                                       (AC/DC)

You shook me all night long        (AC/DC)

   Lick it up                                    (KISS)

   Proud Mary                                (Tina Turner)

   Mercedes Benz                          (Janis Joplin)

   I love rock’n roll                        (Joan Jett)

   I hate myself                             (Joan Jett)

   The Jack                                    (AC/DC)

   Whole lott’a Rosie                      (AC/DC)

   Tush                                           (ZZ-Top)

   Lumberjack                                (the Jackyl)

   It’s a long way tot he top           (AC/DC)

  TNT                                             (AC/DC)

Highway to hell                           (AC/DC)

    Sweet Child o' mine                    (Guns N' Roses)

   Paradise City                              (Guns N' Roses)

   All I wanna (do is make love to you)  (Halestorm)

   Lady in black                               (Uriah Heep)

   Bad to the Bone                          (George Thorogood)